"Where is the Magic?" 45

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Color vinyl 45.

It is our pleasure to present “Where is the Magic?” b/w “The Rainbow and More” – the latest 45 from local favorites and newest members of the Wick Records stable of stars, the incomparable, Brower!

Anyone who has had the pleasure of seeing Brower live knows that they put on a great show. But so often is the case with great live bands that the recordings lack a certain je ne sais quoi. Luckily for us Brower delivers on and off the stage. Like a newly discovered lovechild of Big Star and The Raspberries “Where is the Magic?” serves up a sonic smorgasbord of tasty riffs, saccharine melodies, swinging groove and swagger that sounds like it was pulled from a lost session at Ardent. “The Rainbow and More” is a mind-expanding exercise in power-pop perfection: deft storytelling, crazy hooks, dueling leads, heavy drums, harmonies for days, it’s all here! A truly remarkable piece of art.