Emilia Sisco

"Trouble" 45

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 Emilia Sisco is back in the fold with a double sider of the highest order featuring Cold Diamond & Mink (Bobby Oroza, Jonny Benavidez).

Despite its title, "Trouble" strolls along with a delicately sweet mid-tempo groove and a nicely abundant arrangement, each of Emilia's lyrical calls getting a response from the background harmonizers and the band steady tightening up while the song builds towards its conclusion. The B-side slows things down to a lush southern soul drawl, coming off like a classy forgotten Hi session.

Both of these tracks present a singer who has paid her dues by studying the craft and polishing it for years in front of live audiences. Now it's time for Emilia to push her voice out there on the wings of her own original songs, a feature that we've come to expect from the Timmion stable.