Johnny Ruiz & The Escapers

"Sorry" / "Prettiest Girl" 45

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Hailing from Las Vegas, Johnny Ruiz and the Escapers offer up two sides of haunting group sounds sure the scratch the itch of doo-wop and soul enthusiasts alike. Adorning the a-side is "Sorry", a stark, creeping, dirge-like ballad with a sparse rhythm track that swings eerily underneath Johnny's sublime lead and the Escapers plaintive harmonies, creating an hypnotic vibe that will have you dropping the needle over and over again. Continuing with the dark vibes but picking up the pace a couple BPMs, "The Prettiest Girl" brings a measure of hopefulness to the tune, evoking the earnest, lovelorn memories of youth. A must for fans of Nolan Strong and the Diablos Fortune Records output.